Episode 1.03 Disrupting All The Things

MOOCs! Watches! Shoes!, The Cult of Disruption, Technological Imperialism, Recognizing Tech's Limitations

Tagged: economics, ethics, technology

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Show Notes

In which we look (rather critically) at the tech sphere’s tendency to assume everything not only can but should be disrupted. Snarky asides on smartwatches and smartshoes segue into a discussion of the necessity of humility and the importance of recognizing what technology cannot do and what it should not do.

Note: by “disruption” we are focused not on the particular concept developed by Clay Christensen, but on the popular view of the word. We are aware of the distinction, but decided to set it aside for the purposes of this particular episode.





The Hosts

Chris Krycho is a software engineer, podcaster, writer, and occasional composer. He lives with his family in Colorado.

Stephen Carradini is a digital media scholar and professor, writer, editor, and songwriter. He lives with his family in Arizona.


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