Episode 1.05 Ars Moriendi

This Is An Orchestra, Those Lyrics, You Have to Go Through Death

Tagged: art, Christianity, ethics

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Warning: this episode touches on some very difficult topics, including both death in general and suicide in particular. If these are especially sensitive topics for you, we recommend you skip this episode. Maybe go back and listen to Superhero Movies! instead.

Show Notes

In which we talk about The Collection’s new album, Ars Moriendi (“The Art of Dying”). We cover the musicality of the album itself, then dive into the way it wrestles with hard topics in a faithfully Christian way without either succumbing to despair or giving into the lure of trite and reductionistic answers. We talk about what good art is and does and how utilitarianism is a fundamental misstep in the making of good art, and we note that culture at large and evangelical subculture could do with a great deal more of this sort of thoughtful reflection on death.





The Hosts

Chris Krycho is a software engineer, podcaster, writer, and occasional composer. He lives with his family in Colorado.

Stephen Carradini is a digital media scholar and professor, writer, editor, and songwriter. He lives with his family in Arizona.


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