Episode 1.06 Rebuke Me Some People

Act Like Grownups, Rules 0 and 1, But We Still Disagree, Calling People on the Carpet

Show Notes

In which we discuss the necessity of extending charity to each other in our conversations, especially conversations on controversial issues. Springboarding from public/internet reactions to Christian musician Michael Gungor’s discussion of his views on Genesis, we talk about the necessity of charity, Chris’ Rules for Argument, the importance of taking a long-term view on friendship and persuasion, and what to do in the face of serious disagreement about important issues.


  • Intro (2:06)
  • Act Like Grownups (2:06–6:15)
  • Rules 0 and 1 (6:15–15:55)
  • But We Still Disagree (15:55–23:58)
  • Calling People on the Carpet (23:58–30:50)
  • Conclusion (30:50–31:45)