Episode 1.08 How Victor Hugo Could Afford to Live

Peak Stream, Winning Slowly Quickly, Winning Slowly Slowly

Tagged: music, technology

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Show Notes

In which we talk about the drive to publish all the time and the value of publishing more substantive content at a slower pace. We talk about the way the internet has driven us toward rapid-fire publishing models and how long-form and high-quality content is difficult (if not impossible) to publish on this model. We look at how to build an audience via quality and the slow route instead of the click-driven model, note that this is difficult to sustain as a means of income, and even think a bit about the history of long-form and serial publishing.





The Hosts

Chris Krycho is a software engineer, podcaster, writer, and occasional composer. He lives with his family in Colorado.

Stephen Carradini is a digital media scholar and professor, writer, editor, and songwriter. He lives with his family in Arizona.


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