Episode 1.09 Kind of Like a Virus

The Internet is Not “Safe”, Degrading Women, People Do Wicked Things, No Better Answers

Show Notes

In which we talk about the recent celebrity nude selfies leak from just about every angle: the people who hijacked the photos, those who took the photos, the technology used to store the photos, and society at large. We talk about what individuals’ relationship with technology should look like, how we should view those who behave wickedly, and where there might be hope for solving these kinds of problems in our society.


  • Intro (0:58)
  • The Internet is Not “Safe” (0:58–07:23)
  • Degrading Women (7:23–15:51)
  • People Do Wicked Things (15:51–20:57)
  • No Better Answers (20:57–27:45)
  • Conclusion (27:45–28:45)