Episode 1.14 Buying Me Off With Warm Fuzzies

No One Would Be Left, Drop the Big Bombs, To Power Their Evil Machines of Death

Tagged: art, economics, ethics

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Note: if you downloaded this episode before 8:45pm Eastern time on October 21, 2014, you should re-download it. Chris made an error in mixing it together, leading to his and Stephen’s audio being slightly out of sync for the entire episode (!), which has since been fixed. If you downloaded it after that time, you’re good to go!

Show Notes

In which we ask: “Who funds the arts? And how does that impact the artist ethically?” Corporations, individuals, and governments all have distinct downsides as revenue streams for artists, and corporations and governments in particular can be problematic for both artists and consumers in the ways they complicate the expression of artistic intent.





The Hosts

Chris Krycho is a software engineer, podcaster, writer, and occasional composer. He lives with his family in Colorado.

Stephen Carradini is a digital media scholar and professor, writer, editor, and songwriter. He lives with his family in Arizona.


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