Episode 1.18 Keep On Keepin' On

People Taking Pictures With iPhones, Whether or Not It Pays Off, What Do You Think?

Show Notes

In which we talk about iPhone cameras, long-term thinking in general—including the kind that lets you keep going even when no one in your lifetime gets what you’re doing—and finally some thoughts on the first (non-beta) season of Winning Slowly.


  • Intro (0:53)
  • People Taking Pictures With iPhones (0:53–10:12)
  • Whether or Not It Pays Off (10:12–19:38)
  • What Do You Think? (19:38–25:05)
  • Conclusion (25:05–26:29)
  • A Mistake (26:29–26:40)




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  • Each of us individually:
    • chris [at] winningslowly [dot] org
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