Episode 2.05 Beauty-Making

Haters Gonna Hate (Because How Do You Define Art?)

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Show Notes

In which we ask: What exactly is art? Specifically, is photography art? But more generally, can anyone actually define art? How does the difficulty in defining art affect the makers of art, and why do people spend so much time trying to draw lines around it? How have democratizing forces changed the nature of art in the last few decades, and what does that bode for our future?

Before You Go

N.B. In addition to the clarifications Stephen offered, we should note that Chris’ initial description overstated the case a bit. The law did not technically forbid classes from teaching AP US History. It just, you know… promised to defund the teaching thereof.



Stephen’s Favorites

"Haters Gonna Hate “Oh, wow, I totally didn’t expect that” Beating a dead horse

Doctor Who

“Look at the eyebrows!” “These are attack eyebrows, you could take bottle caps off with these!” "They’re independently cross! They probably want to secede



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