Episode 4.01 Unambiguously Meh

Facebook, Internet.org, and the intersection of business and benevolence.

Show Notes

We open our fourth season with a discussion of Facebook’s Internet.org platform, open access vs. power plays by large companies, and the ethical questions at the intersection of business and philanthropy. Chris and Stephen disagree about how to read Facebook’s move, and set the stage for a season-long discussion of globalization and its ramifications for technology, religion, ethics, and art.

Just some light discussion to start things off, in other words.


  • “Oh Boy”, by Hazelwood. Used by permission. (Fun fact: Hazelwood’s lead singer is Stephen’s wife!)
  • “Winning Slowly Theme” by Chris Krycho, who still dreams of doing a dance kit version of this, and a rock version of it, and a massive orchestra version of it. Someday, maybe.


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