Episode 4.14 This Money Might Be Illegal

The Panama Papers, the global economy, the "flat" world, and wrapping up Season 4.

Show Notes

We use the Panama Papers as a jumping-off point to sum up the season and talk about:

  • the alleged flatness of the world
  • the possibilities of both globalization and localization
  • the twin dangers of imperialism and parochialism
  • the ways that growing income inequality intersect with globalization
  • the things different cultures can learn from each other
  • the distinction between “reasonable” and “justifiable” responses
  • the importance of humility, whether in art or in charitable action
  • the value of choosing not to do something at times

In other words: how can you be a good actor in a global space?

As an aside, on the rough size of a Word file (referenced with regard to the size of the Panama Papers data release): a 20-page paper from Chris’ seminary degree is about 52 kilobytes. 2 gigabytes would be 20,000 such papers.

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