Episode 5.10 Super Duper, Even Uber Bad

Negative / Visible / Social:
Sexism in the tech industry

Show Notes

We look at the tech industry’s persistent habit of treating women badly – both overtly, in terms of sexual harassment, and less overtly, in terms of simply hiring and mentoring fewer women. What can we do to improve matters? What is the responsibility of individuals? Of companies? Of culture at large? Of the government?

  • Recent examples of sexism in the tech industry:

  • “Can Venture Capital Be Saved?” – Mitch and Freada Kapor, making a case for their own VC fund’s approach, with a clear recognition that (awful as it is) sexual harassment is a symptom of yet deeper problems with VC culture:

    How can the industry celebrate people who glory in breaking all the rules, ask forgiveness not permission, and then be surprised when people are predatory, abusive and pursue their own desires at the expense and over the objection of others?

  • “I’m a startup founder and I had sex with an investor — and I am sorry” – Perri Chase, writing for Business Insider, with a really thoughtful reflection on the current state of affairs, including a frank admission of her own choices and how they have played into things, but without blaming victims (a hard line to walk).

  • Previously on the show:

    • Season 3 – many reflections on business success by way of taking the slow road.

    • 3.07: One Size Does Not Fit All – Amazon’s workplace culture as a view into corporate ethics and responsibility.



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