Episode 1.10 Because Capitalism Yay!

It’s Probably Pastel White, You’re Probably in My Hundred Friends, What the Corporate Overlord Giveth, How You Relate to an Object

Show Notes

In which we talk about something Apple did this week… but not the thing they announced, and almost certainly not what you’d expect. Namely: the death of the iPod Classic: Apple’s oldest consumer product outside the Mac, and a veritable gamechanger for the music industry. It’s gone, and Stephen is upset. (Chris, not so much.)


  • Intro (1:32)
  • It’s Probably Pastel White (1:32–9:45)
  • You’re Probably in my Hundred Friends (9:45–14:45)
  • What the Corporate Overlord Giveth (14:45–19:45)
  • How You Relate to an Object (19:45–26:45)
  • Conclusion (26:45–27:58)