Episode 6.08 People Do Reject Technologies, Part 2

Nuclear weapons, nuclear waste, and how to argue well with intractable disagreements.

Show Notes

Sometimes, the rejection of a technology is far less clear cut than in last week’s discussion of Google Glass. With nuclear weapons (and nuclear waste), for example, decades of rejection by many people has not stepped further development and proliferation. What do we do when we face intractable disagreements, especially about things we think represent grave moral evils?

Previous discussion of similar themes on the show:

  • 4.05 – The Price of Democracy: The necessity and the limitations of gradualism, incrementalism, and compromise in politics.
  • 4.10 – The Ancient Wisdom of Usenet: Populism, social media, and wisdom in when, how, and where to (dis)engage with people you disagree with.
  • 5.11 – Fences, Neighbors, etc.: How do we defend great common goods when they pose small, but real, individual risks?



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