Episode 7.11 An Experiment in Moral Imagination, Pt. 2

“Go Do Earth Things”, or, How 80 Years of Non-Technocratic Thinking Might Improve Phoenix, AZ

Tagged: art, ethics, imagination, localism, science fiction, technology

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Show notes

What will the world be like 80 years from now if we avoid technocratic thinking? We discuss the far future of ecologies, urban planning, and … open-source code economy. Listen all the way through for the closing note about the next episode and one of the most incredible bloopers we’ve ever produced.

Best efforts notwithstanding, we couldn’t actually find a news story about the Woodmoor HOA’s fight with its own residents—Chris got this from a friend who lived through it, but the news items (if any) are lost to the depths of time.

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The best thing about the blooper is that Stephen technically correct but still also technically wrong: While the state of Denmark (16,577 sq. mi.) is indeed larger than Rhode Island (1,034 sq. mi.), it is also larger than eight other U.S. States. It would place 42nd on a list of sizes, after West Virginia (24,087 sq. mi.) and before Maryland (9,775 sq. mi.). Furthermore, Denmark (as astute newswatchers know) technically includes Greenland and the Faroe islands as part of Denmark, making in total 857,510 sq mi; this would make Denmark literally the largest American state by almost 300,000 square miles. Depending on how you count it, Denmark is actually more than three times the size of Texas. Oops.



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