Season 6:
Rejecting the Inevitable Future

Episode 6.06 A Kind of Blindness
May 16, 2018 Smart cities, “big data”, and the meaninglessness of mere information.
Episode 6.05 Crispr
May 14, 2018 Setting limits on how far we modify ourselves
Episode 6.04 Move Slowly and Fix Things
April 22, 2018 Why is Silicon Valley so broken?
Episode 6.03 I’m Not Puttin’ That Chip in My Cheek
April 05, 2018 Bodily modification, from hip replacement to magnets in your fingers.
Episode 6.02 The Ethics of Technology
March 21, 2018 A Christian view of ethics and technology - or, how we think about everything from Uber and Facebook to dealing with poverty.
Episode 6.01 Actual Luddites
March 07, 2018 Introducing a season focused on one theme: rejecting technology.