Season 4:

Episode 4.14 This Money Might Be Illegal
April 20, 2016 The Panama Papers, the global economy, the "flat" world, and wrapping up Season 4.
Episode 4.13 We Live in a Different Culture Than the Bible
April 14, 2016 The global nature of Christianity and the beauty of many cultures practicing the same faith
Episode 4.12 Five Years of Facepalming (Live at NC State)
April 05, 2016 The EU and internet law—monopolies, copyright, taxing, freedom of speech, and learning from each other.
Episode 4.11 How People Read C.S. Lewis (Live at NC State)
March 29, 2016 Art, protest, and propaganda—in the Israeli-Palestine conflict, and in general
Episode 4.10 The Ancient Wisdom of Usenet
March 22, 2016 Populism, social media, and wisdom in when, how, and where to (dis)engage with people you disagree with.
Episode 4.09 We're Idealist Realists
March 15, 2016 The Syrian refugee crisis, the difference between refugees and general immigration, and hard choices for nation-states
Episode 4.08 A Ghost in Singapore
March 07, 2016 John O'Nolan on Ghost, Singapore, international commerce, and giving the benefit of the doubt
Episode 4.07 A Muscle-Flexing Flyby
March 01, 2016 War, the modern nation-state, and an end to "the end of history"
Episode 4.06 Kickstarting a Hyperlocal Super-Farm
February 16, 2016 Money flow in a global economy and the complex interplay between globalization, regionalism, and local economies.
Episode 4.05 The Price of Democracy
February 09, 2016 The necessity and the limitations of gradualism, incrementalism, and compromise in politics.
Episode 4.04 But Was It a Good Movie?
February 02, 2016 The Force Awakens, defining artistic goodness, and expressing worldview in cinema, literature, and music.
Episode 4.03 The Podcast Awakens
January 26, 2016 Star Wars, global fandom, and, well... geeking out about Star Wars.
Episode 4.02 Helpiness
January 18, 2016 Helping is hard: global poverty, personal giving and service, and foreign policy.
Episode 4.01 Unambiguously Meh
January 12, 2016 Facebook,, and the intersection of business and benevolence.