Season 3

Episode 3.15 Smorgasbord, Part II
November 03, 2015 A preview of things to come: the structure/agency problem, globalization, and owning your own content.
Episode 3.14 Smorgasbord, Part I
October 27, 2015 Venture capitalism, online classes, the ethics of algorithms, tracking people at work, and transparency in business.
Episode 3.13 Inevitable? (Live at NC State)
October 20, 2015 Self-driving cars, the limits of technology, and the tension between the personal and the communal.
Episode 3.12 Hungarian Folk Music
October 15, 2015 Musical subcultures and listeners and artists not well-served by the iTunes, Spotify, GraceNotes world we live in.
Episode 3.11 Augustine's Podcast
October 06, 2015 Social circles on- and offline and differences between our embodied and virtual selves.
Episode 3.10 Saying “Enough”
September 22, 2015 Phones, technological determinism, Christian ethics, and life in community.
Episode 3.09 Many Beautiful Things
September 15, 2015 Ryan O'Neal on Many Beautiful Things, his career as an artist, and the present and future of the music industry
Episode 3.08 Juice up the Weird Edges of the Ecosystem
September 08, 2015 The ethics of buying technology, and the ethics of using technology to replace workers.
Episode 3.07 One Size Does Not Fit All
September 01, 2015 Amazon’s workplace culture as a view into corporate ethics and responsibility
Episode 3.06 SPACE!
August 25, 2015 These are the voyages of the starship Winning Slowly...
Episode 3.05 You Have Agency. Use It.
August 18, 2015 ‘The Web We Have to Save’—hyperlinks, the stream, algorithms, and human responsibility.
Episode 3.04 Mom Memes
August 11, 2015 Generational shifts in social media and the diversifying web
Episode 3.03 Look in Your Soul
August 04, 2015 Adultery, hacking, blackmail, and trying to be Batman on the internet.
Episode 3.02 The Ad-Driven Web, Part II
July 28, 2015 The responsibilities of producers, consumers, and advertisers on the modern web
Episode 3.01 The Ad-Driven Web, Part I
July 21, 2015 Denny’s, Newspapers, Native Advertising, and Vicious Cycles