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Episode 6.01 Actual Luddites
March 07, 2018 Introducing a season focused on one theme: rejecting technology.
Episode 5.12 Resisting and Sustaining
September 26, 2017 Reflections on what we said in Season 5 and where we're going in Season 6. (Buckle up!)
Episode 5.06 Ghost of a King
October 18, 2016 Art, faith, how culture shapes and is shaped by us, and more in The Gray Havens’ latest album
Episode 5.04 Stuffy, Boring, Old, Lame
September 20, 2016 Positive / Visible / Social (Organized):
orchestras and the question of “public goods”
Episode 5.01 A Ph.D.-Level Math Problem
August 09, 2016 Structures and systems, agency and individuals: three axes (and a sub-axis) for thinking about the world we live in.
Episode 4.14 This Money Might Be Illegal
April 20, 2016 The Panama Papers, the global economy, the "flat" world, and wrapping up Season 4.
Episode 4.11 How People Read C.S. Lewis (Live at NC State)
March 29, 2016 Art, protest, and propaganda—in the Israeli-Palestine conflict, and in general
Episode 4.04 But Was It a Good Movie?
February 02, 2016 The Force Awakens, defining artistic goodness, and expressing worldview in cinema, literature, and music.
Episode 4.03 The Podcast Awakens
January 26, 2016 Star Wars, global fandom, and, well... geeking out about Star Wars.
Episode 3.09 Many Beautiful Things
September 15, 2015 Ryan O'Neal on Many Beautiful Things, his career as an artist, and the present and future of the music industry
Episode 3.06 SPACE!
August 25, 2015 These are the voyages of the starship Winning Slowly...
Episode 2.15 Metapodcasting
May 12, 2015 Two non-beta seasons down. Metapodcasting is in.
Episode 2.13 A Disputation of Theses
April 28, 2015 Thinking deeply about technology and culture with Alan Jacobs
Episode 2.11 Encoding Quality: Potato
April 14, 2015 Tidal, Youtube, Bandcamp, and the Future of Music Distribution
Episode 2.07 A Liturgy, a Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band
March 10, 2015 Rich Mullins’ lyrics, music, and way of life
Episode 2.05 Beauty-Making
February 24, 2015 Haters Gonna Hate (Because How Do You Define Art?)
Episode 2.03 Impervious Scale
February 10, 2015 The Roman Empire and Friendster Have Things to Say to You
Episode 1.15 Timelessishness
October 31, 2014 White People Making Rap Videos, An Episode of Ishes, Put Things in Slow Motion to Make Them Awesome
Episode 1.14 Buying Me Off With Warm Fuzzies
October 21, 2014 No One Would Be Left, Drop the Big Bombs, To Power Their Evil Machines of Death
Episode 1.11 We Need Life Editors
September 23, 2014 I Am Awesome At This, Actually It Was a Robot in a Dream, Lone Rebel Genius, Hip Motion is for Losers
Episode 1.05 Ars Moriendi
August 12, 2014 This Is An Orchestra, Those Lyrics, You Have to Go Through Death
Episode 1.04 Superhero Movies!
August 05, 2014 Reboots, Copying the Other Guy, Not Learning From Failure, The Gold Standard
Episode 0.14 Deep in Their Bones
May 20, 2014 Tech Companies Which Just Can't Pivot, Denominations Don't Change Fast Either, Dealing in Institutional Realities
Episode 0.11 Only Acceptable Cream Cheese
April 29, 2014 The Reason for Copyright, Valuing Products in Different Ways, "Pay Me For This Thing"
Episode 0.10 Can You Make a Baby Smile?
April 22, 2014 Prosumerization, I'm-Trying-To-Be-A-Professional Buttons, and the Digital Economy
Episode 0.06 Romans: The Movie
March 25, 2014 God’s Not Dead, Son of God, Noah, and Getting Heaven Thrown In